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Employment-Based Immigration

Employment-Based Immigration

Empowering Employers and Employees Nationwide

Our team specializes in guiding clients across the country in the field of employment-based immigration. With extensive expertise, we craft effective solutions for work visas and employment-based green cards, serving individuals and organizations of all scales. From businesses, educational institutions, religious workers, entrepreneurs, our dedicated attorneys bring their substantial experience to represent diverse entities. We design personalized work visa sponsorship strategies for companies spanning various industries, ensuring an attentive, tailored approach regardless of size or sector. Your goals are our priority, and we are committed to developing a customized employment-based immigration plan to meet your individual and organizational needs.

Temporary (Non-Immigrant) Visas

  • H-1B Visas for Speciality Occupations

  • L-1 Visas for Intracompany Transferees

  • E Visas for Investors and Entrepreneurs

  • TN Visas for Citizens of Canada and Mexico

  • O-1 Visas for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability

  • F-1 Student issues including work authorization

Permanent (Immigrant) Visas

Naturalization & Citizenship

Once you receive your Green Card and fulfill your continuous residence requirement by residing continuously in the United States for at least 5 years, you may be eligible to apply for naturalization. The naturalization process involves submitting an application, attending a biometrics appointment, and undergoing an interview with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Our firm is here to guide you through each step of the Naturalization process, ensuring that you meet all eligibility criteria and submit a thorough and accurate application. We can assist you in preparing for the naturalization interview, which includes testing your knowledge of English and U.S. government and history.

What Our Clients Say

"Choosing a good immigration attorney is probably the most important step for anyone who needs to apply for a United States visa. My husband and I, with the help of our company manager, tried to get H-1B visas for two years. We were baffled by all the regulations and details that we needed to address. Our friends recommended Sandra Feist, since she handled their case with great success..."
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