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mployment-Based Immigration

At Feist Law & Advocacy, our commitment extends to aiding foreign nationals (and local employers) in securing temporary work visas, enabling them to live and work in the United States. Our comprehensive services encompass both temporary (non-immigrant) and permanent (immigrant) Visas, and we proudly collaborate with a diverse range of businesses, educational institutions, religious workers, entrepreneurs, and more.


chievement-Based Immigration

Feist Law & Advocacy specializes in supporting scientists, athletes, business professionals, and artists in securing temporary work authorization and green cards, with or without employer sponsorship. Our legal team work diligently to effectively translate your varied achievements and accomplishments into a compelling filing. Your extraordinary qualities deserve recognition, and we are dedicated to helping you present them in a persuasive manner to attain your temporary work visas and or Green Card.


amily-Based Immigration

Feist Law & Advocacy offers expert and compassionate support for family-based immigration, catering to U.S. citizens and green card holders in the United States. Our services encompass guiding individuals through the visa application process and consular processing for spouses, fiancé(e)s, children, parents, and other relatives seeking entry to the United States. At our firm, our lawyers and staff find immense satisfaction in facilitating the reunification of families, enabling them to fulfill their American dreams together.



Feist Law & Advocacy delivers comprehensive legal services for Immigration Cases facing unwarranted delays or apparent hurdles. If you face an unjustified delay or an improper denial in your immigration case, our Immigration Federal Litigation services are ready to assist by initiating federal lawsuits across the country. We will challenge improper denials of immigration benefits, advocate for the resolution of stalled applications, and champion the award of statutory benefits in accordance with immigration law.

Our Attorneys

Sandra Feist and her team at Feist Law & Advocacy utilize their extensive background in immigration law to offer specialized client services, particularly focusing on immigration processes for professionals relocating to the United States. As a distinguished legal firm, Sandra Feist and her team are seasoned immigration attorneys dedicated to delivering client-centric legal services. The committed professionals at Feist Law & Advocacy bring extensive expertise to ensure comprehensive and personalized assistance for clients. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the attorneys at Feist Law & Advocacy are prepared to navigate the complexities of immigration and immigration-related matters, offering tailored solutions to address the unique needs of each client. At Feist Law & Advocacy, Sandra Feist and her team prioritize clients' legal needs and strive to achieve optimal outcomes through skillful advocacy and steadfast commitment.

Founding Attorney

"Choosing a good immigration attorney is probably the most important step for anyone who needs to apply for a United States visa. My husband and I, with the help of our company manager, tried to get H-1B visas for two years. We were baffled by all the regulations and details that we needed to address. Our friends recommended Sandra Feist, since she handled their case with great success..."

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