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D.B. – Fairbanks, Alaska

Choosing a good immigration attorney is probably the most important step for anyone who needs to apply for a United States visa. My husband and I, with the help of our company manager, tried to get H-1B visas for two years. We were baffled by all the regulations and details that we needed to address. Our friends recommended Sandra Feist, since she handled their case with great success.​Once Sandra took over, everything became so much easier. We followed her instructions, and soon my husband received an H-1B visa and I received a H-4 visa. We eventually received our green cards as well. With Sandra’s help, we were on top of things and never had to send any additional papers or change any contracts, which was a constant struggle when we were trying to do everything on our own. All papers were in order and completed in minimal time, we had everything sent out. Our experience with Sandra and her team was exceptional, and I would sincerely recommend her to everyone.

M.N. – Boston, Massachusetts

Sandra is an excellent immigration attorney and has helped me immensely on two occasions. First, she assisted in drafting a response to RFE for my “Permanent Residency” application. My prior immigration attorney provided impractical advice to me on how to handle the response to RFE. In contrast, Sandra took the time to understand the circumstances of my case and draft an appropriate response. Second, when I had a job offer from a company that was not knowledgeable about the immigration process, she very ably and efficiently explained the details of the immigration process to the employer. I plan to retain her services for all immigration related issues and have recommended her to my friends as well.​Sandra’s deep knowledge on immigration law is only matched by her responsiveness and accessibility. I highly recommend her for any immigration issues.

D.K. – Winnipeg, Canada

Sandra Feist helped me to get a “Nonimmigrant Waiver” so that I could visit my family in the United States again. Words cannot express the thanks that I want to convey to Sandra and everyone that was involved in my case. I am truly speechless. I have made mistakes in my youth and I never thought I would ever be able to go back to visit my parents in the United States as a result. Thanks to Sandra, I received special permission to reenter the United States. If anything happens to my parents I can go into the United States and be a bigger part of their lives. This was a very difficult case and Sandra worked hard to make a strong case and followed up with the government repeatedly until we had the approval and I could visit the United States.

Tzu-Fei Wang, MD – Columbus, Ohio

During my entire medical training in the United States, I was always faced with limited opportunities due to visa issues. Therefore, I was interested in applying for permanent residency, but I have been told repeatedly by several University lawyers that my accomplishments were not sufficient to be eligible, unless I could find an employer for sponsorship. At the end of my training, I decided to look into the possibilities of applying for a green card again. I knew very little where to start, and my colleague who had successfully obtained a green card under Sandra’s guidance gave me her name. I was very impressed with her professional and caring attitude during our very first phone call, so I never looked for another lawyer. It turned out to be the best decision that I could have made in the entire process. I didn’t know how lucky I was to have found Sandra in my first try, but as time went on, with hearing my other friends’ stories about their lawyers and seeing how much Sandra had done for me, I can truly appreciate her great work now.


I remember that in the beginning, I was anxious about my chances of success to apply for the national interest waiver, because I felt my publications were limited. Sandra gave me an honest assessment based on her extensive experience, advised me what to improve, and I went forward because I trusted her. In the process, collecting reference letters from various people was the biggest hurdle to me, and Sandra made it so much easier. She drafted every single letter for me and my references, which was a major help (I did not realize that not all lawyers would provide the same service until much later). I would never be able to write so many of those strong and convincing letters by myself. Even though I was in a different state as she was for the entire time, I did not feel the distance between us. She was always prompt and professional about answering all my questions, no matter how small or maybe ridiculous they were. She eased my anxiety during the expected but long wait for the reply from the USCIC. I could not imagine any other way to go through this process without her help. For anyone out there who is either going to or is currently undergoing the process, I would urge you to look no further. In my opinion, she is truly the best in the field.

Yinan – Jacksonville, Florida

Sandra has been our immigration lawyer for the past six years and she has successfully represented us on our J-1 waiver case, three H-1B petitions, and the I-485 (green card) application. We came into this country on an J-1 visa and did not return to our home country afterwards. For years we were not able to obtain the green card because of the home residency requirement. We had sought legal advice from at least half a dozen immigration lawyers but none of them were able to provide any real help to overcome this major hurdle. It was sad to say we wasted a lot of money and time and we felt increasingly helpless, worried and frustrated as time went by. Without any prospect of any long-term legal status here, we lived in limbo. We could not even make plans for our kids’ education. Then our employer, a major university in our state, referred us to Sandra. From the very beginning, we knew Sandra was the right lawyer for us. She has an impressive knowledge and practical experiences with the complex laws and the actual workings of the immigration system. She takes the time to listen and talk to us. She looks at the bigger picture, taking into account not only our legal options, but also our professional, career and family situations. She maps out the path and strategies we should take and articulates all this in plain English that we can understand, in the most candid and yet thoughtful way.

Our J-1 waiver case went through a complicated process, involving our employer, and the approval of multiple government departments and agencies. Sandra did a superb job on our behalf communicating with various people across the board, following up on supporting letters and documents, staying on top of deadlines and the numerous requirements and, packaging everything together professionally. Indeed her quality of work, proactive attitude and organizational skills are manifested in every one of the cases she has handled for us. We admire her as an extremely diligent and competent immigration lawyer. We trust her as conscientious and compassionate person. This was why we did not hesitate to go back to her for our green card application, despite suggestions from our well-intended friends that we could do this ourselves. We are glad that we had her help. We realized later that the I-485 application had a lot more to it beyond what was on the main form.

We were quickly approved for our green cards, but our daughter’s application was unexpectedly and inexplicably delayed. Again, Sandra decided to seek help from one of our Senators. She initiated and followed up with the inquiry and got our daughter’s case resolved. Now our family is looking forward to a secured life in this country, and we all know we could not have done it without Sandra. We certainly hope more people can benefit, and we would not hesitate to recommend Sandra to anyone who is looking for immigration advice.

W.W. – Durham, North Carolina

I am a research fellow at one of the U.S. government research institutes. Sandra helped me to apply for my green card under the “national interest waiver (EB2)” category. I first knew Sandra through a friend, he recommended Sandra as an awesome attorney who helped him with his case. The first time I spoke to Sandra on the phone, I was comfortable talking to her about the case (unlike other attorneys that I had experienced, those attorneys made me feel like I was being interrogated). Sandra was very friendly, using terms I could understand. Sandra explains things clearly and always uses itemized lists (making it easier for me to organize / prioritize the things I need to do for the case). Sandra gave us a great explanation of the process that we would have to go through. I am very satisfied with her and very lucky to have her helping us (my spouse and me) with the case. I would give her 10 out of 10 stars. Sandra prepared every document for the cases — literally everything. Sandra always answers her phone and replies to my e-mails promptly. Our cases went so well, in a speedy fashion. I contacted her in August 2012 (the first phone call to Sandra), and we are getting our green card in April 2013.

Sandra is indeed an awesome immigration attorney! And I feel like I need to spread her awesomeness. I highly recommend Sandra to anybody who wants to get a green card. I have actually already recommended her to some of my friends.

Malik – Minneapolis, Minnesota

My spouse and I were to undergo the naturalization process. Our friends referred us to Sandra Feist. In our first meeting, she understood our case, which was quite complex and outlined the plan and explained all the steps to be completed. Sandra rendered very professional advice and worked with us for several months on preparation. She prepared our case very meticulously and comprehensively. She ensured that all the prerequisites were complete. She provided all the guidance and worked with us throughout the complete process. She was present during our interviews and provided the needed clarifications to the government. Our cases were approved right away.

We feel so fortunate to have such a competent and diligent attorney on our side, and I would strongly recommend her for all cases pertaining to immigration.

Thank you, Sandra.

Cullin J. Smith – Neighborhood Justice Center, Inc. – St. Paul, Minnesota

I am a criminal defense attorney who recently requested Sandra Feist’s input on behalf of a current client with pending charges. She took a very direct approach to my client’s situation. She is an expert in this area and is also very good at making her guidance clear and concise. Her counsel was very helpful in clarifying to me and to my client the impact of the immigration laws on this criminal matter.

Y.I. – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sandra handled my Religious Worker Visa and Religious Worker Green Card case. Sandra was always on top of things. She knew all the details about the process, was able to think a couple steps ahead and take into account all possible developments furthering my case from one stage to another. Sandra drafted multiple supporting documents for the case. Her input showed extensive knowledge of my field and was invaluable. Sandra clearly explained all the steps to me and was always approachable for follow ups. Knowledgeable, always well-organized and professional, Sandra is also a very friendly person, and her positive attitude is always powerfully reassuring. I had a great experience working with Sandra and highly recommend her.

Viktor Hanak, MD – Boston, Massachusetts

I came to the United States for post-graduate training at the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School. I applied for my green card based on my status as a biomedical researcher whose work is in the national interest of the United States. Sandra Feist assisted with this process, drafting extensive and persuasive materials to demonstrate to the government that my research skills and accomplishments make me deserving of a green card under the “National Interest Waiver” category.

I was 100% satisfied with Ms. Feist’s services. She was incredibly responsive to my questions and always answered telephone calls and responded to emails promptly and with a friendly expertise. I always felt comfortable calling Ms. Feist with my questions and she did not charge separately for these calls.

Ms. Feist’s experience and expertise in the immigration processes surrounding international medical graduates was very reassuring and came through in themanner in which she handled my case promptly and successfully.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sandra Feist’s serves to any physician looking to immigrate to the United States.

V.J. and S.J. – Savage, Minnesota

Our case was fairly complicated. We talked to 4 immigration lawyers before talking to Sandra. None of them gave us a satisfactory explanation of the process. Two of them wanted a retainer without even knowing how to handle our case. Then, we found Sandra through a recommendation from a friend’s friend. Immediately she put us at ease. She explained to us the process, step by step and exactly knew what documentation was required, and what was not. Once the process started, she was very helpful and approachable. Always returned our calls and replied to our e-mails promptly. Our hearing went very well and the process was completed in record time.

After the green card process was completed, we had to go for a hearing that was related but separate. We contacted Sandra again because we didn’t know exactly what was going on. She was very helpful in explaining to us what was needed. She contacted the authorities to get more information for us, and accompanied us to the hearing. The hearing went very well. We are very fortunate to have found Sandra for our immigration work, and we would highly recommend her.

N.C. and C.H. – Minneapolis, Minnesota

When we started the green card application process, a family friend pointed out that there were some unusual aspects in our case and suggested we contact Sandra for help. Sandra was very helpful and efficient when it came to filling out and submitting the forms. She was also very helpful in suggesting extra documentation that would help clarify the complicated aspects of our case. She answered all our questions promptly and made us feel much more confident about the application process. Before our interview, she shared useful tips from her prior experience and gave us a good idea of what the hearing would be like. Our hearing went very smoothly, and Sandra helped clarify some minor points of confusion between us and the officer. We had a wonderful experience working with Sandra and would recommend her highly.

K.S. – Apple Valley, Minnesota

I have used Sandra Feist’s Immigration Legal Advice for the last 4 years on filing H-1B, EAD, EB2 Labor Certification, I-140 and I-485 Portability. Sandra legitimately followed the filing processes and pointed out the ways for winning. She is always there to answer my questions and greatly worked with my employer. Her positive attitude is the power that benefited to my success.

A.M. – Cincinnati, Ohio

I first came to the states in 2005 on J-1 visa. After I finished my training, I had the opportunity to hold a faculty position at a university hospital . The only hurdle against attaining this position was the fact that I can not hold a faculty position on a J-1 visa. To make it even harder, my J1 visa was subject to Section 212, meaning that I have to reside in my home country for 2 years before I can come back to work in the US. This was when I sought help from Ms. Feist. The general consensus was that the only way for me to obtain my job is to get an O-1 visa. Ms. Feist helped me put the paperwork together and writing the proposal for my case. I could not believe that I had the approval for the O-1 status and within 72 hours of case submission. This had a major impact in my career and the ability to practice medicine in the US.

After over a year of successful practice, I found a better job opportunity but the challenge again was to move my O-1 visa to the new location. I again turned to Ms. Feist and she handled my case for visa transfer in the same professional and careful manner. She again achieved success with my O-1 transfer.

In addition to her knowledge, professional attitude and extensive experience, Ms. Feist is very friendly person to deal with. Always prompt in getting back to her clients and always available to answer their questions and concerns. I am now in the process of gaining the approval for a hardship waiver and she is preparing my case for submission. I know how hard it is to obtain this kind of waiver, but I have a lot of trust in Ms. Feist that she will be able to help with it.

T.P. – Burnsville, Minnesota

As the sole Human Resource representative for a small consulting firm, I rely on Sandra Feist’s guidance for a variety of immigration issues (OPT/CPT, H-1B, EAD, green card). She offers an extensive knowledge of the legal system, impeccable attention to detail, timely and professional communication, and a unique ability to explain the complex nuances of immigration law in a manner that is easy to understand. In a process fraught with deadlines, forms, and ever-changing rules, Sandra Feist has been a calm, reassuring, and dependable advisor.

D.T. and S.T. – Burnsville, Minnesota

We were introduced to Sandra Feist of Grell Feist PLC at a time when we thought we were in a position to file for adjustment of status on our own. After we had our first meeting, I realized there was a lot we had missed and professional help was very necessary.

If you have contracted Grell Feist PLC for assistance I would say you are in the right hands and expect nothing less than professionalism, sincere opinions, honesty and confidentiality. Sandra always made it a point to follow up with me on all notices she receives with respect to my case.

N.E. and L.E.

Let us introduce you to Attorney Sandra Feist who consistently thinks three steps ahead and will mentor and guide you throughout this journey and relentlessly fight to achieve the ultimate goal. Attorney Feist treats you like a member of her family, and this same treatment comes through in her work that she’s so passionate about. She is the most articulate immigration attorney we have ever met and one that has a unique method of finding untapped options to get you on the right path.

To briefly profile my case, I came to the United States on a J1 Visa in 1996 under an 18-month program paid by the US government. I used immigration attorneys, had a sponsor, filled out paperwork on my own and did this repeatedly for over 15 years. Most attorneys told me not to worry, that they would help me file my case and that they were experienced in dealing with J-1 Visas. Having no success and thousands of dollars wasted on attorneys over the course of 15 years, we met with Attorney Feist as a referral and we never looked back. The first meeting was all about discovery for Attorney Feist, and we could tell she genuinely cared about us and was already trying to plan a course of action. Within weeks of working with Attorney Feist, she spent countless hours on our case and was prepared to submit the file. She constantly communicated with us so we knew the status of her preparation, she continually requested documents, information or evidence to help build our case.

Attorney Feist was never afraid to speak up or step in on numerous occasions when immigration officers tried to derail our case or postpone progress. She is professionally aggressive, persistent and strives to get you, the client, the ultimate outcome. There’s no other in comparison to Attorney Feist and she’ll show you her care, commitment and dedication to you when you work with her. Your money is in good hands as she is fair, honest, and committed to you, her client.

Mary Hess, Minnesota

Sandra was immensely helpful in sorting through the best option for us in hiring a Canadian to lead our nonprofit agency. She was clear and concise in her explanations of the options, she responded with speed and energy to all of our questions, she processed documents on her end in very timely ways, and she was truly warm and approachable. I can’t praise her work highly enough, particularly given how complex US immigration processes have become.

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